Zodiac compatibility: This Valentine's Day's love signs

Fire-filled Aries loves and loses quickly. They need a spouse who can handle their mood swings and excitement. Swashbuckling Sagittarius and Libra can help well-meaning but misbehaving Aries with PR.


Taurus romances fluctuate between prudence and strong commitment. Bulls are loyal and resist change. earth signs Virgo and Capricorn are good synergists, but Leo and Sagittarius annoy the bull.


Gemini governs communication and data sharing. Conversation-lovers use their minds to find their bodies.


Cancer desires unconditional love and affection. They fall head over heels in love, forgetting to breathe or keep on course.


Leos require compassion, reassurance, and professional lighting for their nudes and sex tapes because the sun never sets on them.


Virgos are sometimes labeled perfectionists, but they find promise in everything—dilapidated houses, toilet seats, and romantic partners.


Libra loves partnership, diplomacy, and deception for peace. Libras get along since neither can decide to leave the relationship.


Scorpio, the most powerful sign, loves and holds on. They demand obsession and go to tremendous measures to protect their connections.


Sagittarians are born to wander and drawn to greater learning, unexpected adventures, transcendental sex, intellectual conversations, and plant cures.


Capricorn can compartmentalize love. They believe in storing stocks and feelings till they can maximize ROI. They think relationships and financial instability are incompatible.


Aquarians are torn between upholding and overthrowing the established quo. They adopt god complexes and personalities to hide their emotions.


Pisces dream about their soul mates, creating songs, spells, or trying to forget or convince themselves that the mouth-breathing narcissist next to them is magic.