When Zodiacs Starts Giving The Bare Minimum

When you're arguing with someone and want to spite them, you give the very least.

When you begin to feel undervalued, as if your partner doesn't value all your hard work, you give the bare minimum.

When you're getting mixed signals and can't even tell what this individual wants from you, you give the bare minimum.

When your confidence in this person has been broken and you can no longer rely on them, you give the absolute minimum.

When you are worn out and unable to exert any further energy, you give the absolute bare minimum.

When you're feeling insecure and don't think your spouse will stay with you for very long, you only give the bare minimum.

You give the bare minimum when you want your individual to know what they're missing since you usually do a tonne for them.

When you're envious and want to punish your partner for hurting your feelings, you only give the bare minimum.


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