When Women Start, Couples Have More Sex, Research Finds

Initiate sex is a common reaction in relationship articles about what guys wish women did more of.

A recent study in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences indicated that men initiate sexual engagement more than three times more often than women.

Doing so harms both parties: Researchers found that women who started sexual activity had more sexual encounters.

NTNU researchers examined 92 couples aged 19–30 who had been.

together for one month to nine years and had sex two to three times a week to uncover some of the characteristics that affect serious relationship sex frequency.

These couples dated for one month to nine years. Based on their findings, the researchers examined the elements that made women more likely to lead sexually.

A woman's desire and attitude toward casual sex were the biggest factors.

A woman who is attracted to her possible partner is more likely to initiate a romantic engagement.


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