'What's On My Mind': Eric Braeden

In an emotional message to fans last weekend, The Young and the Restless veteran Eric Braeden (Victor) revealed his cancer diagnosis.

A few days later, as he sat on a swing in his backyard,

he took some time to consider how fortunate each of us is "to live in this beautiful country."

He discussed the issues that the globe is currently facing and noted that, despite certain attempts to "lessen freedom," we are all "very lucky" to live in a free nation.

Then, Braeden considered how he had grown up in a nation that had been freed by the United States of America and its allies,

"but mostly by America," and how Germany and Europe owed their freedom and democracy to the US.

He paused to pay tribute to those who lost their lives defending freedom from fascism and an oppressive government.

He cautioned, "Never forget that." "Don't pay attention to those who advocate for our seclusion from society.


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