Tom Jones on Hannah Waddingham's difficult sex scenes: 'Make it fun.

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The first time Solly McLeod was approached to read for "Tom Jones," he initially believed he wouldn't get his first important part.

At the Television Critics Association press conference in January, McLeod admitted, "When I got the audition for it, I thought it was for.

The singer Tom Jones." Then I thought, "That's not going to work."It's not unusual, so to speak, for a young actor to be unaware that this "Tom.

Jones" is based on the wild, outrageous novel by Henry Fielding written in 1749, but McLeod was convinced after reading early versions.

The story of the 18th-century foundling who becomes highly popular with the ladies was originally a roughly 1,000-page novel, but the.

Four-episode adaptation by McLeod was "energetic and fast-paced." The fact that Tom is seductive to women helps. While he has a crush on Sophie Western.

Sophia Wilde), the daughter of the squire who lives next door, his loins are less selective. When Tom is ejected from the only place he has ever known and ends up in London, Lady.

Bellaston—played by Ted Lasso co-star Hannah Waddingham—takes him in. She is a wealthy older woman who prefers her men to be young and active.

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