Thompson: The young Warriors need to make their mark.

The Warriors set out to regroup for the future after the.y were denied the championship in 2019. Moses Moody was the best.

Thing the Warriors had to show for their efforts in Friday's Game 6 against the Sacramento Kings after four years of preparation, five first-round picks.

And eleven total draft picks, ten two-way contracts, six 10-day contracts, and the hiring of.

Five coaches who specialize in player development. the forward in his second season who.

Hasn't had much involvement so far.Gary Payton II, who completed the race in just under 11 minutes, was the second underappreciated treasure.

The star of their development program, Jordan Poole, gave one of his poorest performances ever on the main stage.

Kuminga was unable to even enter the court. The former franchise's future face, James Wiseman, currently plays for the Pistons. Even Anthony Lamb, the two-way player who.

Was given a regular deal for his potential to help the team win now, was powerless to help them. At home, where these players should feel more at ease and likely to participate.


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