These 5 zodiac signs are poor at managing money

There are two types of people when you go out. One pays with the wallet and the other never does. We're talking about cash-strapped people for various reasons. 5 zodiac signs. Is your friend or colleague one? Read below.

Saggis live in the moment and are generally cash-strapped. They value travel over saving or investing. Expect them to have little money.

Librans often rack up debt and don't pay their expenses. Their financial laziness is generic.

Geminis like to project a social image. They party extravagantly but can only afford pizza. Gemini buy items they don't need and regret it afterwards.

Aries can't say no, even if they're broke. Helping often breaks them. They're broke because everyone uses them.

Scorpio may go broke if they date someone with expensive tastes, even if their spouse is wealthy. Scorpio's ego won't let their partner pay. If they're dating someone richer, they can't accept their poverty.


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