The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Cheat, According to Astrologers

You may think you have enough information to catch a cheater—someone who hides their phone, disappears without explanation,

or gets in terrific condition. Infidelity may be shown by stars rather than acts.

We asked renowned astrologers which zodiac sign is most prone to deceive. Unfaithful indications range from unaware to brazen.


You may find it odd that level-headed and always-pragmatic Capricorn is on this list. But it's these traits that enable them to compartmentalize their life


Just because Pisces is the sensitive romantic of the zodiac, doesn't mean they'll always be monogamous.


If there's one thing Leos are known for it's their constant desire for attention. Whether it's being the center of the dance floor at a wedding or monopolizing the conversation at dinner,


Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance. And like Pisces, this makes them overzealous about the idea of being in a relationship.


The sign of the twins is known for their indecisiveness and also for being the zodiac's social butterfly—a recipe for disaster when it comes to cheating.


Taking the number-one spot is fire sign Aries. As the leader of the zodiac, they're fiercely independent, which means they, like Gemini, have a hard time being tied down.