The NFL world responds to shocking Lions news.

The NFL suspended safety C.J. Moore for at least a year earlier this week, just a few months after he signed a new deal with the Detroit Lions. e.

 It's a big loss for the Lions because they're losing a guy they were counting on to help them. e.

The team might still have to pay him a lot of money, which is even worse. e.

Based on how the contract and the new collective bargaining agreement are written, it sounds like he will get to keep the $1.4 million signing bonus. e.

"The Lions gave C.J. Moore a two-year contract with a $1.4M signing bonus last month. e.

He was recently banned for breaking the rules about gambling, and then he was let go. Based on what his deal says and what the CBA says, e.

Pro Football Talk said in a tweet on Saturday that it looks like he gets to keep the signing bonus.e.