Suave Tom Cruise, 60, thumbs up while flying Top Gun: Maverick's private plane in Florida.

ACTOR In his open-cockpit private plane, Tom Cruise gives a thumbs up. Hollywood icon Tom, 60, guided his plane out of Naples Airport in Florida.

He piloted his Mustang. Tom's fighter-bomber was likely manufactured in 1946.

Top Gun: Maverick utilized the plane. While filming Top Gun, he became interested in aviation.

He has two planes and a Mustang. Tom skipped the Oscars this year after Top Gun: Maverick was overlooked.

Tom's co-star, Jay Ellis, told The Sun that the Academy should honor him. He said: “Tom is unique. He's finished. Tom sleeps.

He is the last great cinema star. "People forget his work is huge. "He did every genre—character, storyline, action—and succeeded.

"His ability to organically perform and use the camera is a masterclass. "He can do it like no one else."

"He is the nicest, most genuine, and just giving open guy."