Strongest Zodiac Signs

When I beat my bully up, everyone was shocked because I'm usually nice. The bully got afraid of me and tried to become friends with me. But I didn't let him.


The reason I really like aquarius is because aquarius is a considered a special zodiac. I actually am an aquarius.


Aries is the most athletic zodiac sign and is strong both physically and mentally. While to do love a bit of playful banter, but can turn deadly serious if someone attacked their friend.


Leo is the strongest sign in many points, the strongest animal symbol, the strongest planet, the strongest opinion and sorry but we all know that leo is the BOSS.


I m the most stubborn signs of all. I stick to my opinion no matter what and no one can change my mind.


Gemini is clearly the strongest. For an example, when someone puts them down they don't respond to the negativity from negative individuals and instead they just take it and get back up and continue being themselves as if nothing really happened.


They think they are the Lion above people when they are just a boasting douchebag. We cancers know better then boasting to impress the plebe.


Proud to be a virgo man and probably that is my luck. I remember during my young years some people several times tried to bullying me, but they failed.


"Kevin Costner: From Daydreamer to Hollywood Star"