Stereotype About Your Zodiac Sign Is Likely True

While you might not be the kind to lose your cool over every little inconvenience, your fiery temper does occasionally manifest itself in more subtle ways.

Taureans are reputed to like the finer things in life, including great art, being pampered, material possessions, delicious meals and upscale beverages.

Geminis are believed to be the social butterflies of any gathering. They are skilled at managing many conversations both in-person and via text messaging at once.

You can read something about a Cancer's sensitivities in almost every description of them. This is sometimes taken to mean that they cry a lot and often about insignificant things.

Leos are said to be attention-seekers who will stop at nothing to maintain their position in the public eye.

Virgos are frequently linked to a range of attributes referring to their pickiness, including being critical and judgmental. This is not to say that Virgos go around tearing other people down for no reason.

Love is not a game. Sagittarius people can be some of the most fun to hang out with because they are one of the more adventurous signs.

Scorpio, it may be hard for you to accept that you are so intensely private and secretive that you don't let anyone in. You feel that you have had many intimate relationships in your life.


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