Sixers beat Nets in Round 1 thanks to a "perfect game" from Harden.

A year ago, James Harden had played 21 games with the Philadelphia 76ers before the playoffs.

He arrived here in the middle of the regular season via a blockbuster transaction, and at the time, he was still getting used to a new atmosphere.

On Saturday afternoon, Harden and the 76ers played their first playoff game against Harden's former team, the Brooklyn Nets,

He couldn't have looked more at ease. He finished with 23 points and 13 assists in 36 minutes as Philadelphia .

Defeated them 121-101 to start what the 76ers hope would be a lengthy playoff run. The Brooklyn Nets, Harden's former team, dropped the contest.

Doc Rivers, the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, said after the game, "I thought that was one of his best games as a 'catcher.

You might say, "I thought he called a perfect game."The Nets are significantly undermanned in this series as a result of the midseason transactions in February that sent Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to Phoenix and Dallas, respectively.


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