Sara Beth Liebe Leaves "American Idol" After "Mom-Shaming" Joke Despite Katy Perry's Appeals

On Sunday's Hollywood week premiere of American Idol, Sara Beth Liebe shocked viewers and judges by announcing her departure.

Clay Aiken helped the contestant sing "Roxanne" by The Police.

“This opportunity is really cool, but this will be my last performance because my heart’s at home, so I’m gonna get home to my babies. "They kinda need me," Liebe remarked after her performance.

Liebe then ran offstage, leaving judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan confused. Liebe was called back onstage by the judges.

“Life is scary,” Perry told Liebe. I also know that walking away is easier than being rejected, but you lose out on your entire potential. As a mother, I know you adore your kids and family. Self-love is as important as motherly love. Keep competing.”

Liebe said "thank you" and left the stage. Liebe told a producer backstage that she didn't think she'd win and should leave

Liebe's talent and the rest of her group's advanced to the next round despite the judges' doubts about her longevity.

Perry invited Liebe to stay on stage and stated, “You’ve opened a door you never thought you would open, and you got a yes. Yes may come again. Keep going.”

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