On déjà vu-inducing top 12 'American Idol' episode, viewers veto judges' votes.

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When the top 20 became the top 12, eight divas were up for elimination, and the judges saved two of them: soulful belter Lucy Love and flashy Vegas-style entertainer Nutsa.

As Lucy, Nutsa, and the other semifinalists returned to compete on Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Night this week, those two ladies learned they wouldn't be in Idol's Class of 2023.

America spoke again during Season 21's first live coast-to-coast voting, which host Ryan Seacrest said generated more than 22 million real-time votes. America eliminated Lucy and Nutsa again.

The judges failed again. Ironically, Lucy went home after singing a song she chose to "celebrate Lionel," the judge who had championed her all season and fought hardest to rescue her last week. 

It was a nice gesture, but a contestant in such a precarious position shouldn't have performed a party jam. Lucy could have chosen a ballad like "Running With the Night" or "Hello" instead of "You took my song and made it your song," 

"You bodied that song," and "I am so glad we brought you back," as Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan remarked.

Nutsa was always so over-the-top, I worried that covering Queen's "The Show Must Go On" (another hilarious song choice, considering its moniker) might be too much. Even this week's guest mentor, Queen singer Adam Lambert, advised Nutsa to choose a song that showed off her softer side.

She kept with her original song, but she did strive to be "more angelic" as Adam suggested. She did well, playing to her showgirl abilities while reducing her pageant gimmicks. 

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