Mike Tomlin told me he wants gangsters out there, according to Keeanu Benton.

Keeanu Benton, a nose lineman from Wisconsin, thinks he is the type of player Steelers coach Mike Tomlin envisioned for him.

After picking Benton in the second round, Tomlin reportedly informed him that he is the type of physical, gritty person that the Steelers are looking for.

The most important thing I learned from chatting with Coach Tomlin was that he wants goons out there.

according to Benton of Steelers.com, "someone who isn't afraid to get their nose dirty," and "I feel like I am the best choice for that man."

Tomlin claimed to have informed Benton, but he is unaware that he wishes for Benton to refer to himself as a "goon" in public.

That's a fair judgment, but Tomlin said, "I'll give him media training so he can keep some of our private conversations private."

Benton played four years at Wisconsin and was known as a difficult player to block in the Big Ten.

The Steelers believe he has the determination they need.


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