Megan Fox's Mental Illness Explains Why She's Never Loved Her Body

Despite being one of Hollywood's most prominent sex icons, Megan Fox struggles with body dysmorphia.

Fox felt that her body had to look a certain way ever since she was a young child, long before she became a well-known actress and model.

This resulted in a lifetime of trauma and insecurities for the actress, who is still coping with them today.

Fox has a reputation for being a little eccentric due to the way she behaves and dresses.

But for a very long time she felt she had to hide that side of herself from the outside world.

Despite the criticism she has received on social media and her growing willingness to embrace that aspect of herself.

Fox still struggles to see her body in the same way as other people.

Here is Fox's journey to self-love and how she has battled body dysmorphia.


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