Loni Willison trash-dives.

Loni Willison, the ex-wife of former "Baywatch" actor Jeremy Jackson, was photographed looking in a dumpster for food,

illustrating how far her life had descended since the couple's separation ten years ago.

Willison, 39, has spent nearly seven years living in homeless camps in California.

She is frequently seen pushing a shopping cart full of her ill-fitting belongings.

The former cover girl who became addicted to drugs was initially discovered living on the streets of Los Angeles in 2016.

A striking contrast from her tanned, radiant, and lithe days as a beauty girl, Willison seemed haggard,

missing many teeth, and with short hair in photos taken on Tuesday as she pushed a cart through Santa Monica.

After her 2014 divorce from Jackson after two years of marriage, Willison, who frequently adorned magazine covers and red carpets,


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