Landeskog won't return for Avalanche for Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Colorado team captain has not played this season due to knee surgery, but he is confident that he will return.

Gabriel Landeskog will not be participating in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, per the Colorado Avalanche.

The forward and team captain for the Avalanche has not participated in any games this season since enduring knee surgery in October.

At the time of the operation, it was estimated that Landeskog would be incapacitated for twelve weeks.

Thursday, Landeskog stated, "I still believed I would be healthy and ready to go by the summer of 2022."

It was a very quick summer (after winning the Stanley Cup)," the player stated.It wasn't long before I realized that everything had deteriorated...

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we were unable to make it work. Moving forward, we will continue to investigate our options.

Nonetheless, I believed that this was the decision I had to make at this time for the benefit of all parties involved, including my teammates and myself.


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