KIM & KANYE CO-PARENTING OUR KIDDOS … During North's basketball game

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West support their kids this weekend despite their separate lives.

Kanye and Bianca Censori briefly attended North's basketball game before leaving in Kanye's SUV.

Kim walked into a group of photographers before watching the game. North joked about the photo flashes before Kim and her friends got into a car.

Kim and Kanye haven't been spotted together lately, and it appears they attended the game separately.

They've always promised to co-parent their four kids, and it appears they've kept that commitment.

As for Kim, she has been successful in juggling her roles as a mother and an employee by including some playtime in her schedule. 

She was in the front row for Usher's residency in Las Vegas on Saturday night, taking in the entire show while also getting a private performance from the singer himself.