Kevin Costner's Lawyer Has Just Revealed Whether or Not He Is Leaving 'Yellowstone'

Buckle up, Yellowstone enthusiasts. When the show returns for Season 5 Part 2, the Dutton family has trouble answering the door. e.

Apart from Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie (Wes Bentley) presumably scheming to kill each other, John (Kevin Costner) must confront the Yellowstone Ranch, which has cost him his legacy. e.

As viewers witnessed in the midseason finale, a bacterial ailment known as brucellosis threatened his cattle, forcing him to relocate the herd to Texas. e.

The decision may not only bring Beth and Rip (Cole Hauser) closer to reuniting with Jimmy on the 6666 Ranch, but leasing the ranch may also bankrupt the Duttons. e.

Fans are left wondering what happens next for the crew after a dramatic Week 5 cliffhanger. e.

Unfortunately, there will be no new episodes for a while, but that does not mean the show is done; there is still a lot more to come. e.

The Duttons will return in summer 2023 with Season 5 Episode 9. There is no official launch date yet, but Paramount Network has released a teaser to keep fans entertained. e.

Piper Perabo, who plays Summer in Yellowstone, told TV Guide in December that she had no idea what was going to happen after episode eight, implying that filming for part two had not yet begun. e.