"Kevin Costner: From Daydreamer to Hollywood Star"

Kevin Michael Costner, the third child of Bill Costner, a ditch digger and Southern California Edison electric line servicer,

Sharon Tedrick, a social worker, was born in Lynwood, California, on January 18, 1955. His 1950-born brother Dan.

A 1953 middle brother died. Kevin was a daydreamer because his father moved frequently for work.

He sung in the Baptist church choir, wrote poetry, and took writing lessons as a teen.

He built a canoe at 18 and paddled the rivers Lewis & Clark followed to the Pacific.

He graduated high school at 5'2". He still excelled in basketball, football, and baseball. He studied commerce at Cal State Fullerton in 1973.

Kevin started taking five-night-a-week acting classes. In 1978, he married Cindy Costner, his college love.

He started in Orange County marketing. On a Mexico flight, he met Richard Burton. Burton told him to quit acting if he wanted.

After resigning, he moved to Hollywood. Before getting into movies, he drove a truck, worked on a deep-sea fishing boat, and provided bus tours to celebs' houses.

He quit after making one soft core sex film. For nearly six years, he didn't work.

Despite having his scenes cut from The Big Chill (1983), director Lawrence Kasdan remembered him for Silverado (1985). Costner's career flourished.


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