Kelly Ripa criticized Mark Consuelos for not supporting a quiz game winner.

Leah Mathis, a viewer, was invited to take part in the quiz game over the phone.

Leah made two claims, one of which is accurate and the other untrue.

Leah would receive a mug if she managed to stump Kelly and Mark.

"Leah, I hope you succeed.but you won't," Mark jokingly said. I agree, but you know. Kelly slowed down.

I genuinely want her to succeed. Mark was adamant. But you already know what to choose, Kelly said.

"Yeah, I have to choose the one that I believe to be right, true, and true." Mark answered.

No, Kelly said, "You have to choose the one that you know is false but you say it's true if you want her to win."

"No, I don't do that, I don't do that," Mark began to shook his head.


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