Kelly Clarkson Cried Over Henry Winkler's Advice To Her Dyslexic Daughter, Who's Bullied In School.

Barry performer and author Henry Winkler spoke about dyslexia on The Kelly Clarkson Show this week.

Kelly told Henry she admires his 40 books and dyslexia. “I drove my dyslexic 8-year-old daughter to school yesterday,” she said. “And you told me you’re dyslexic. Telling my daughter you wrote 40 novels and are dyslexic is great.

"She was bullied at school for not reading like the other kids."

Henry exclaimed, "I have books for her!" "Yes," Kelly answered. They're mine!" Her daughter's school delivered an uplifting presentation about dyslexia, which affects 1 in 5 children and other successful people.

Henry addressed Kelly's daughter to the camera. River, how you learn is unrelated to your intelligence.

Kelly cried. She clearly enjoyed that encounter.

Kelly's vulnerability and Henry's modest but meaningful advise are great.