Jets may slowly realize Aaron Rodgers isn't worth it.

This past season, the New York Jets learned how important the quarterback position was when they didn't play well enough at the position and missed the playoffs.

They went after the biggest fish in the sea, which was Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The Jets got permission to talk to him, and they got it before he told "The Pat McAfee Show" that he wants to play for them in 2023. But neither team has been able to agree on how the deal should work.

There is now some new information about what the Jets don't want to give up in trade talks.

Peter Schrager of NFL Network said on the April 11 episode of "The Season with Peter Schrager Podcast" that people outside of the Jets and Packers buildings told him that the Jets didn't want to give up their first and second round picks in 2023. 

Schrager did say, though, that the Jets would give up a potential first-round pick in the future.

Let's just say that the Packers and Jets are in a constant stare-down to see who will blink first and agree to a deal. As of this writing, neither side has moved, and the argument about "who actually holds the leverage" is still going on.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports recently said on ESPN Milwaukee's "The Adam and Tausch Show" that Jets owner Woody Johnson won't give up a guaranteed first-round NFL Draft pick because Aaron Rodgers said he was "90%" leaning toward retirement when he went into his darkness retreat.