Jennifer Lopez's mother named her favorite son-in-law.

Family members will undoubtedly favor you if, like Jennifer Lopez, you have been married more than once.

Guadalupe Rodrguez, J.Lo's mother, revealed her preference to the public on the Today Show on Wednesday,

so she isn't hiding it at all. Let's just say that Ben Affleck has no issues with his mother-in-law, so he can sleep peacefully at night.

Yes, the mother of Lopez's fourth husband, who she described as her "absolute favorite,"

said some very dramatic things about the Air director. Rodrguez said to Hoda Kotb,

"I knew that you would always get back together because I prayed for 20 years.

" The "Jenny From the Block" singer rolled her eyes at her mother in good humor because

"Kevin Costner: From Daydreamer to Hollywood Star"