“A Complete Shift”: Jada Smith Was Shocked to See $350M Franchise Co-stars Act Differently Without Their Wives and Fiances.

Hardship and conviction underpin Jada and Will Smith's 25-year marriage. While keeping their vows, the couple has made headlines for their open marriage.

She never wanted a traditional marriage, but the Oscar-winning actor did everything for her.

After meeting her Magic Mike XXL co-stars, the Red Table Talk host tried to reunite with her husband. Will Smith has been quiet since his Academy ban.

2015's Magic Mike XXL filming was Jada Smith's best experience. In a recent interview, she said the feature taught her more about males.

The Gotham actress said her male co-stars unwittingly helped her comprehend her husband's psychology and deal with things she didn't want to.

Even when off work, Jada Smith would dress up and visit the site. Smith felt she may have understood her spouse better after watching her male co-stars bond without women. She said:

She called Will Smith a "silly man all day long". She said he hides behind the door and jumps out.

She finds it cute again. She only started appreciating this fun after the Tatum film. Without this insight, she couldn't have tolerated Smith's behavior.