Jada Smith Shocked Howard Stern, Claimed Open Relationship With Will Smith after Revealing She Knows He's Attracted to Other Women.

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Will and Jada Smith are often in the news. Their position is so intriguing that the public wants to know more.

Despite their initial secrecy, suspicions about their marriage persisted.

They were lucky to sneak information about it. Since the infamous slap, their relationship has been even rockier and more public than they expected. 

Jada Smith also revealed a lot about their relationship, which soured it.

Jada Pinkett Smith has shared surprising information in many interviews.

The actress has freely discussed how she and Will Smith live their individual lives in a legally bonded relationship. She told Howard Stern about their friendship.

Will and Jada Smith's marriage was rumored earlier. It was unclear if they were dating openly. 

In the interview, Jada Smith confirmed that she was aware of the issue and was in an open relationship.

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