Independent Investigators Find Zodiac Killer.

True crime fans beware. Reports identify the Zodiac Killer.

The unidentified serial killer was one of the most feared in the US for decades.

A committed team of dozens of sleuths has solved the case of the mystery murderer.

According to reports, the Case Breakers, a private group of detectives, have revealed Gary Francis Poste to be the real Zodiac Killer.

The group claims that during his time as the Zodiac Killer,

Poste not only eluded law enforcement in Northern California but also got away with another suspected murder hundreds of miles distant.

The main issue with this disclosure is that Poste passed away in 2018,

making it difficult to file a criminal complaint against him or even ask him about the claim.

More than 40 former law enforcement detectives, journalists, and military intelligence professionals make up The Case Breakers.