In May 2023, STARZ won't air Outlander Season 7.

The next chapter of Claire and Jamie Fraser's love tale would be wonderful to behold.

The seventh season of STARZ's Outlander is still not available.

Can you believe that Season 6 of Outlander on STARZ ended almost a year ago?

Since the season finale on May 1 of this year, we have been eagerly awaiting the new one.

The good news is that production was underway when the season finale aired,

so we didn't have to wait as long as we did for Season 6.

The wait is still ongoing, which is awful news. Although we kept an eye out for a miracle,

Outlander Season 7 is unquestionably not scheduled to air on STARZ in May 2023.

Though it won't be much longer, the wait! The premiere is approaching quickly.