Hunter Biden May Be Arrested Tomorrow

Hunter Biden Monday Court Appearance Hunter Biden faces a contempt hearing in Independence County, Ark., on Monday.

Hunter Biden has ignored Lunden Roberts' attorney's requests, prompting a contempt petition.

“That all parties must physically appear for all future court hearings in this matter. After Biden's attorney Brent Langdon said Hunter Biden had another laptop at a repair shop, Judge Holly Meyer ruled earlier this month that the parties would no longer be excused. 

She banned case details in March. Hunter Biden filed a motion in Arkansas 17th Judicial Court in September claiming a "substantial material change" in his finances. 

The same court ordered Biden to fund health care and child support for Navy Joan Roberts in 2020. Hunter Biden challenged Lunden Roberts' request to change her daughter's surname to Biden. 

“Mr. Biden claims to be nothing more than a Yale-educated attorney/artist who is somewhat financially destitute and needs his child support adjusted,” Roberts attorney Clint Lancaster stated in a 12-page discovery brief opposing Biden.

"However, for an artist living on meager means, Mr. Biden is living lavishly," the brief said.The attorney continued, "He travels the world on the safest and most comfortable airplane in existence—Air Force One." He has some of the most expensive lawyers on Earth.”

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