How Zodiacs Sign Shows You They Love You

Great gift-givers are Aries. Their love language is making you feel like you've won a prize since they are so competitive. Flowers, a flashy new accessory, a massage, a trip.

A Taurus will express their affection for you by showing you their tender side. While most of their friends are duped by their retail therapy and flamboyant, often conceited, fashion sense.

When Geminis quit worrying about letting it all hang out, they will demonstrate their affection for you. Being so organised and successful makes it simple for them to present a polished image.

When a Cancer is in love with you, they'll want you to join that web and be a part of their insane life journey thus far.

When Leos love you, they will choose you above their best buddy. You won't succeed in convincing them to make that decision on their own, but it will inevitably happen spontaneously at some point in a relationship.

A Virgo will use criticism to express their devotion for you. You will be held to a higher standard than anybody else, but they will give you rough love like Kleenex at a funeral.

Going against their comfort zone is how a Libra will express their love for you. If they trust you with something they generally dread, like karaoke, shopping for clothes, planning a vacation, or open water.

A Scorpio will respond to your SMS as a way of expressing their affection for you. The immediateness and enthusiasm you'll experience are only available to a select few.


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