How Each Zodiac Sign Loves and How to Love Them

As Valentine’s Day approaches, love and relationships naturally come to mind. Our modern, logical minds know that romantic relationships are more than love at first sight, notwithstanding legend.

Aries are one of the most adventurous signs, often seeking new experiences to satisfy their need for novelty.


Tauruses are devoted, sensual, and romantic companions. They love fine dining, luxury, music, food, wine, movies, and art.


Geminis are gregarious, always making new friends. They need a best friend and partner who wants to spend most of their time with them since they crave companionship.


Cancers are sensitive, caring partners. When they first trust someone, they may have trouble expressing their emotions.


Leos are loyal and may get emotionally involved in their partner's problems. They fall in love quickly yet take longer to open up.


Virgos are odd, demanding perfection from themselves while helping those in need. This sign is hands-on and present because to their quick wit, excellent memory, and polished eye for detail.


Libras can be classic romantics, showering their spouses with attention, flirtatious words, and tiny presents.


Scorpios are one of the most passionate zodiac signs, always trying to improve their relationships. They crave new emotional depths with their spouse in the emotional, physical, and cerebral aspects of your relationship.


Sagittariuses are generous and fun-loving. This fire sign will use all their charm to seduce anybody they want.


Capricorns' poker faces are hard to decipher. This makes understanding this Earth sign's emotions difficult, especially if you're trying to establish a relationship with one.


Aquarians are among the zaniest zodiac signs, but their eccentricities mask a unique intellect.


Pisces are caring and sensitive, making them good friends. Winning this water sign's heart is difficult because they love their alone time and may disappear for a few days.