Gemini: 4 Harsh Reasons Why You Hate It

The zodiac sign of Gemini is one of the most overlooked in astrology. Maybe it's because Geminis are so common.

Especially at parties, Geminis are great fun to hang out with.

Chat up all the cute guys in her closet, even her favorite push-up bra.

Don't give Gemini a choice, unless you want to wait all day for her. She can't decide what to do.

1. Her decisions are never final.

Geminis are known for their ability to try new things. Whenever she is bored, she breaks out in hives. If she isn't careful, she may get into serious trouble.

2. Her restlessness leads to problems.

When you just need a friend, she can be your best friend, but not when you need a recharge.

3. She doesn’t know the meaning of “alone time.”

Gemini hates routine more than being alone. She prefers to be surrounded by friends all the time.

It almost seems as if she is too tame for what she is.

4. Geminis are very high-strung.

It is impossible to spell "ball of nervous energy" without Gemini.