For 4 Zodiac Signs, Heartbreak Takes Longer

Heartbreak affects everyone differently. Some people accept the loss and go on even if it hurts. Heartbreak can be the worst experience for some. They open the biggest tub of ice.

Cream and sit on the couch watching "He's Just Not That Into You" over and over. It alleviates discomfort despite its shortcomings.

What makes some breakups easier? How can some people get over heartbreak while others take weeks, months, or years? Your zodiac sign and personal experiences determine it.

Some signs take longer to recover from a breakup. Is yours one? These four zodiac signs heal slower from heartbreak.

Cancers saw this coming. Cancer takes the longest to recover from tragedy. Cancer, a water sign, is emotional.


Libra is emotive, unlike other air signs. Due to Libra's flirtatious disposition, you might expect them to bounce back after heartbreak, but they don't.


Scorpio, another water sign, takes longer to recover from heartbreak due to their profound feelings and their protective nature. Their emotional boundaries make them one among the zodiac's most intriguing signs.


Geminis need extra time to recover from a breakup. Unlike Scorpio, lively Geminis fall in love quickly and don't keep grudges, yet they nevertheless suffer heartbreak.



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