Five-foot-four, 200-pound gym lady showed her measurements.

In a video uploaded to TikTok, Beth (@bethbeauty30) flaunted her outfit of tie-dye leggings and a green crop top.

It read, "Five-foot-four," in the text. A weight of "200 pounds."

In the gym, she struck several poses while flaunting her curves in a selfie in the mirror.

The exercise enthusiast also demonstrated running backward on a treadmill.

"I can only dream of this," remarked the third. Another said, "Baddie," adding to the conversation.

One said, "I'm five-one and weigh 199."And you look lovely," Beth added.

Another person remarked, "A well sculptured and beautiful piece of art."

The film was produced as a result of a social media trend where gym girls post their measurements.


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