Donald Trump's Legal Woes Split Family as Ivanka Leaves Don Jr. and Eric

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who served in former President Donald Trump's administration, are still haunted by his legal troubles.

According to Forbes, the former shoe designer has distanced herself from her siblings in a lawsuit dispute alleging her, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, their real estate firm, and its senior executives of boosting the Trump family's property valuations to profit.

Ivanka replaced most of her lawyers, who also represent her siblings, on Friday, Forbes reported, even though all parties deny the allegations. 

New York Attorney General Letitia James sued Donald Trump, his three oldest children with Ivana Trump, and his businesses last September for inflating property valuations to get cheaper loans. 

The attorney general wants the Trump family's $250 million in benefits disgorged and its New York business restricted. 

Don Jr. and Eric recruited Clifford Robert and Michael Farina to represent them after the lawsuit. The attorneys told the court they will represent Ivanka a month later.

Ivanka's local counsel, Robert and Farina, worked with two Washington, D.C.-based attorneys she had retained independently.

In March, one of Ivanka's attorneys requested a trial postponement and stated that the lawsuit didn't contain any claims against her, suggesting a rift with her brothers.

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