Demi Moore Moving in With Ex-husband Bruce Willis Amid His Concerning Medical Condition Does Not Bother Her: Emma Heming-Willis

As Bruce Willis fights the shackles of dementia, the fear of the illness grows more real to him and his family with each passing day.

But throughout his diagnosis, the retired Hollywood icon's friends and family have been his rock,

offering unwavering support and doing everything they can to keep him comfortable.

Even Willis' ex-wife, Demi Moore, whom he divorced over "irreconcilable differences,

has stood by him and is determined to go above and beyond to support the Die Hard actor in any way she can.

And Emma Heming Willis is incredibly grateful to Moore for being such a rock in her life.

After learning that the Armageddon star had aphasia, Bruce Willis' family made the...

...announcement that he was leaving the movie business back in the spring of 2022.


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