Batman's Riddler Kills Zodiac

The Batman's Riddler, played by Paul Dano, has only been hinted to in the trailers, but this week,

a fresh look at the villain was posted online.According to the previews,

The Riddler appeared to be drawing some influence from the Zodiac Killer,

a real-life serial killer who used complex codes to communicate and went unpunished.

These updated appearances demonstrate that The Batman's Riddler is more or less a carbon...

...copy of the description of the notorious killer rather than just drawing inspiration from him.

Here is the updated image of the Riddler, which is evidently based on Robert Graysmith's sketch of the Zodiac.

Come on, really. Everything is there—from the crosshair to the glasses covering the mask—it just has a question mark in the centre.

True crime fans beware. Reports identify the Zodiac Killer.