Atlanta Hawks lessons for Boston Celtics?

In Game 6 of their Eastern Conference Playoffs first-round series, the Boston Celtics bravely.

Fought to defeat the Atlanta Hawks and secure the crucial series victory. The game was.

Played at State Farm Arena. The Hawks were a lower seed due to a poor regular season.

But they still managed to put a lot of pressure on the Celtics in a number of ways. Can the team use

Any positive lessons from this series in Atlanta to other series in the future? Can Boston use what they've learned to their.

Advantage when they face the 76ers? Will this rivalry's past events repeat themselves.

Join Tim Sheils and Wayne "Breezie" Brown of the CLNS Media "Vitamin Cs" podcast as they analyze the Celtics.

Hawks series finale and the impending second-round game versus the Philadelphia 76ers.

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