Astrologers Say This Zodiac Sign Is the Most Likely Serial Killer

When you look at your horoscope, you're probably trying to learn something about relationships, work, or your own growth.

But maybe you're more interested in certain personality types—maybe ones that put the "horror" in horoscope.

Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about who you are, like if you are passionate, driven, or calm.

It can also tell you some scary things, like if you are more likely to kill someone. Find out which zodiac sign is most likely to be a serial killer, from a little bit wicked to the most murderous.


Capricorns are meticulous and determined to succeed. Saturn, an authoritarian planet, gives them a nefarious power complex.


Sensitive tumors struggle with emotion regulation. "Ruled by the moon, their emotions are tied to ever-evolving lunar cycles, making them erratic and unpredictable people," adds Cooban.


Though not the top serial killers, Geminis are still dangerous.


Scorpio, like other water signs, has a darker, emotional side.


Pisces, the last sign, is the most likely serial killer. "Adaptable and quick-thinking individuals," says Cooban, another evidence of change.