Astrologers' Most Narcissistic Zodiac Sign

When dealing with someone who is narcissistic, it can be difficult to navigate the waters of a relationship or friendship.

It's possible that at first they look nice, but after a while you can get the impression that they just care about themselves.

They appear friendly on the surface, but beyond that, they are icy and calculated, and they are inclined to resort to whatever means necessary to achieve their goals.

Aquarius is free-thinking but compulsive. Aquarius cannot disregard beliefs. "They use their talkative Air sign energy to ram a specific point of view down your neck," explains astrologer and tarot reader Ryan Marquardt. Narrow-minded Aquarius will alienate others.

Sagittarius wants independence, yet life is about connections. Marquardt argues Sagittarius' impulsive decision-making can lead to narcissism. To invite others, Sagittarius will announce their plans. "That revelation eases the sadness other signs feel when Sagittarius decides to come and leave so freely," says Marquardt.

Scorpio manipulates. Marquardt calls this signal "narcissistic but from a subconscious condition." They don't realize they're manipulating. Scorpio's subconscious protection hurts loved ones. "Scorpio may be quite codependent," adds Marquardt. "Your resources are preferred. Narcissist Scorpios suck your resources."

Capricorns will put others first to succeed. "The shadow Capricorn personality could grow haughty and feel entitled to those positions of power without having earned them—or can require a humiliating amount of devotion from co-workers, employers, or even family members," adds Nuit Astrology founder Jill Loftis.

Leos have flair and drama. Out of balance, this can generate an insatiable craving for attention and an inflated sense of self. "Leos can utilize their natural attractiveness and allure to draw others into narcissistic relationships, continuously wanting more and more time, attention, and devotion," adds Loftis.


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