"American Idol": Paige Anne cries during her top 20 performance

During Sunday night's show on "American Idol," a singer was moved to tears.

Paige Anne, who is 16 and from Idaho, cried during her top 20 performance of "Say Something."

The 16-year-old wrote on Instagram, "My emotions took over when I stood behind that mic and heard them play back my idol journey."

At the start of the show, it looked like she was trying hard not to cry. But let her feelings show in the end.

She wrote, "I've never cried while singing and made it through the song before so that was an accomplishment." I'm grateful to everyone who voted for me. "I love you all and hope to prove I'm worthy of your Top 12 vote."

The performer didn't make the top 26. After Beckett McDowell pulled out, she became the "first alternate" and returned to the show.

"I left 'Idol'." On the broadcast, she added, "I was invited back." It's everything for a cause. "American Idol" season 21 airs Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern on ABC.