After a social media hiatus, North West revealed her new look in a video.

North's mother, Kim Kardashian, 42, posted the video clip online,

showing the preteen sporting a very different hairstyle than what her followers are accustomed to.

Saint, seven; Chicago, five; and Pslam, three, whom Kim shares with her ex-Kanye West,

were all shown with North in a moment sitting on the couch with their mother.

She wore shorts, a loose black hoodie, and her long, dark hair down as she grinned at her family.

The young girl has been experimenting with vivid highlights and braiding her hair recently.

She donned a crimson hairpiece to keep her hair out of her face and parted it to the side.

Following complaints from fans that she hadn't recently posted on TikTok, North updated her appearance.


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