Adele Adds 34 Vegas Shows

Weekends by Adele keep going. The Grammy-winning singer announced that she will add 34 more nights to her residency at.

The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. With the pre-sale of tickets beginning on April 5, the residency will now take place from June 16 to November 4. Adele revealed it when performing in Vegas recently.

I am aware that performing for 4,000 people for 34 nights is insufficient. It falls short. Adele claims to be making a comeback in a fan video. In June, I'll return for a few days.

She will shoot the shows for a concert film."I'm going to film it and release it to make sure anyone who wants to see this can see it.

She says in the clip.After stage issues, Adele postponed her Vegas residency. ELLE interviewed her last year about the postponement. "There was just no soul in it.

She told the magazine. Stage arrangement was wrong. It lacked connection and distanced myself and my band. "Maybe I tried too hard to give it.

Those things in such a controlled environment." "The first two months was really, really hard," she said.

My embarrassment. It was brave, so it boosted my self-confidence. Most people wouldn't have done what I did. I'm proud of my artistic integrity.


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