Aaron Rodgers trade results in one clear winner in the NFL world.

Tuesday's blockbuster deal between the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers involved four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers was transferred to New York, the team he had wanted to play for for weeks. Green Bay's Rodgers era is ending, making way for Jordan Love.

The NFL world thinks Green Bay got the superior deal in the trade, even though the Jets got one of their finest quarterbacks.

"People gonna come back to this in like three years and realize how hard the Packers fleeced," remarked one supporter. "This package is insane given the circumstances."

"As the only team in the Aaron Rodgers pursuit, the Jets were betting against themselves and still lost," remarked another fan.

"I'll never disrespect [Packers GM Brian Gutenkunst] ever again," one fan said.

"Moving up two spots in the 2023 first round, a 2023 second-rounder, 

and very likely a 2024 first round pick for a flaky one-year rental," another fan said.