Aaron Rodgers' press conference will go down in history.

Rodgers is here. The crew recorded his super-slow-motion walk to the facility.

His first Jets press conference will be at 2:00 p.m. New York media will be his introduction. It will be fascinating to watch if the interaction excites him.

Rodgers' offseason participation is the biggest football uncertainty. Anything less than “absolutely, positively, I’ll be here for everything” will disappoint.

Since the Jets caved to the Packers, they need him there to get him comfortable with the team and (more crucially) the team with him.

On Tuesday, Jets G.M. Joe Douglas avoided answering that question to avoid influencing Rodgers.

It's wise because Douglas understands from watching Rodgers that others' criticism might bother him.

it would be wonderful to assume that Rodgers will volunteer to assist himself and the $60 million organization that is paying him this year be as successful as they can be.

He recently suggested that the government firing down weird flying objects was a distraction from the Jeffrey Epstein client list leak.

Reporters will influence Rodgers' queries. The Jets' Tuesday announcement stated that reporters needed credentials.

The obvious reason is that they have limited capacity, but it's also possible they won't let anybody in who might ask too many pointed questions.