A Fan Video Just Confirmed the Taylor Swift Cleaning Cart Theory, and I'm Not Okay.

You are aware of the hypothesis, right? Taylor Swift has been rumored to have entered arenas on a cleaning supplies cart while on her Eras tour. 

Yes, a fan video that has been making the rounds on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, thousands of group chats,

you name it, has provided real proof.Just to be clear, the cleaning supplies cart notion was first proposed a few days ago:After that,

individuals began compiling information:Taylor's evacuation from the cleaning cart is now fully captured on camera, and it's all just so legendary.

Additionally, I'll add this here because there are no truer words:As some people have noted,

this incident involving the cleaning cart does support earlier allegations that Taylor Swift travels in a huge bag.

A brief reminder regarding that entire iconic thing: When a photo agency published a photograph of three men lugging a particularly enormous suitcase,

the photo agency casually stated that the luggage housed Taylor Swift, the Taylor Swift in a SuitcaseTM rumor was born.

It was clear that no one could manage this information, the internet crashed, and the agency eventually withdrew its claim—but it was already too late.