7 Zodiac Signs That Struggle To Learn From Love

You are not your lover's mum. Without getting something back, you can't keep giving. Cancers have love in their hearts that is as deep as the ocean, and sometimes it burns them.

You can't just give away everything you have. If you want to keep your heart from breaking, you need to know when to stop loving someone.

Passion can be dangerous for an Aries. These fire signs go to great lengths to make sure that every relationship they are in is full of fiery passion.

People say that they can't pay attention to anything besides a thrilling roller coaster ride.

All of the good, bad, and ugly things are romanticized. When things are going well in a relationship, a Libran might feel like he or she is lost in a dream.

They tend to focus on the good and will turn any bad experience into something that was needed for the drama of falling in love.

Love is not a game. Sagittarius people can be some of the most fun to hang out with because they are one of the more adventurous signs.


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