5 zodiac signs that are more resilient to lockdown blues

Every zodiac sign has its own distinct personality traits, from the incredibly likable Leo to the multitasking Virgo and the enthusiastic Sagittarius.

In the event of a global catastrophe, your astrological sign might provide some insight into how you react to adversity.

As people all over the world try to recover from the devastation inflicted by the new coronavirus, it has become clear that individuals have varying responses to adversity.

Some people could decide to keep going no matter what, whereas others might just try to ride it out.


This water sign's ability to maintain optimism in the face of overwhelming adversity has earned it widespread praise.


The resolute bull is a fierce fighter, and he won't back down now. This star sign has a fierce will to live and will do all it takes to have a positive outlook and protect themselves from the deadly virus.


The astrologer's perfectionist is, indeed, recognized for his or her resilience under pressure. Therefore, whether it's using rigorous household hygiene protocols or giving one's absolute all on the job, one must always strive for perfection.


If any other zodiac sign can compete with a Taurus in terms of determination, it's the dogged Aries.


When things start to spiral out of control, you can count on a Gemini to pull themselves together. The twin sign's secret weapon is its often changeable demeanor.